Soul Glitch Studios will take your AUDIO or VIDEO podcast from "RAW RECORDING" to "RELEASE READY" with customized precision tailored to your style!


What can SOUL GLITCH STUDIOS do with your PODCAST?



We receive the Audio and/or Video from you after you record your podcast.  We then apply processing to your audio to make your voice sound clear and professional, mix the sound between your guest and yourself to have an even mix, and listen through the entire podcast to edit out any glitches and pops (these can be common when recording via ZOOM over the internet) and also edit out any unwanted parts of the podcast.

After the podcast is mixed and cleaned up, we arrange the podcast with your preferences:
- Insert your pre-recorded intro and outro with your theme music
- Insert a "teaser intro" at the beginning (10-20 seconds of an engaging takeaway from you or your guest)
-Insert any pre-recorded ads into the podcast (we will provide background music for this!)


We produce Audio Podcasts and Video versions if you are wanting to expand and bring your podcast to video platforms like YouTube!


We also offer our services for

- Podcast Music Theme Creation

- Custom Motion Graphics

- Podcast Episode Time Stamps
(Topics & Timeframes of the podcast)

- IGTV formatted Podcast Previews

- YouTube Channel Management 

"The Conscious Leadership Podcast"

Soul Glitch Studios produces the AUDIO and VIDEO versions of "The Conscious Leadership Podcast"

We also produced the THEME MUSIC for this podcast as well as the motion graphics for the INTRO and OUTRO of the video podcast

We also DESIGN and PRODUCE "Podcast Previews" formatted specifically for Instagram TV video (IGTV) with a short 1-2 minute teaser/takeaway from the podcast you can share with you Instagram following to get them excited to head over to listen or watch your podcast!  We create custom animations for the beginning and end of the IGTVs as well as create the captions in a way that accentuate certain words and phrases to engage your followers.  We do all of this using your branding elements, colors, fonts, logos, and any assets available to keep this content consistent with your style!

Animations for IGTV Previews

Podcast Production Inquiries